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5 Best Dual Band Base Antenna for Your Base Station

When many of us plan to set up a base station, we look at important other devices in the radio setup, but we don’t care so much about dual band base antennas. However, to get an excellent transmission experience, the best dual band base antenna is very important.

A good quality antenna plays the most important role in the performance of your radio station. It also plays a very important role in being smoothly connected at all times; also, it can be connected without any interruption in an emergency situation.

So to make your experience even better, we have come up with the 5 most powerful dual band base antenna reviews for your base station where our team has selected each antenna well analysis so you can ensure the excellent transmission quality of all time.

Editor’s Recommendations- Top 3 Best Dual Band Base Antenna

Best Dual Band Base Antenna Review

1. Comet Dual Band Base Antenna

Introducing the Comet dual band base antenna, which comes with excellent coverage with long heavy duty antennas. It is also an excellent weather resistance than another regular antenna and comes with many more convenient features.


With its other advantages, the built quality has satisfied the consumers a lot. It is made with heavy-duty fiberglass, which can handle any kind of outdoor situation. Also, it is waterproof and higher resistant so that you will get long-lasting performance from it.


You can easily pick up its strong signal from a distance of about 50 to 90 miles. Besides, it is compatible with most devices. Overall, it is the best dual band base antenna in terms of the right size, quality, and budget.

Easy to Assemble

Most consumers appreciate its proper size. Because its sizes are not extra long or extra short, due to which it can be easily assembled in any space. Also, its installation process is totally simple; all-important installation kits are included in its box.


  • It is a medium-sized antenna
  • Higher resistance and waterproof
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made with heavy-duty fiberglass
  • Great antenna for outdoor


  • We didn’t find any critical issues

2. Diamond Dual Band Base Antenna

If you are looking for an excellent quality portable dual band base antenna for your base station, then the Diamond dual band base antenna may be one of the perfect choices for you. Its high-quality performance and outstanding construction will impress you a lot.

High Quality

Most consumers have praised it for its well-built quality. In particular, it has a 40 miles longer transmission range and rust-proof design; that’s why it is great for both indoor and outdoor. However, it is much more expensive in terms of price range than our other picks. But considering its other performance aspects, it is the best choice.


As it is a perfectly compact size, if you want, you can install it in your indoor station, but I think you can not get a long-range transmission experience. So it is right to install outdoors. It is also a perfect 2m and 70m base antenna.


One of the best advantages of this is that it is compatible with almost all Ham Radio and CB radio applications. Easy to assemble, and I am pretty sure it’s SWR bandwidth within your expectation. And its precise transmission performance will make your communication experience even better.


  • Portable sized dual base antenna
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Perfect 2m and 70m base antenna
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor


  • Expensive price

3. TRAM Pre Tuned Dual-Band Base Antenna

Are you searching a lightweight and high-quality fiberglass construction dual base antennas? Then TRAM pre-tuned is an excellent choice for you, ensuring superior quality connection with a 43 inches long antenna. It also has so many great advantages.


Tram’s pre-tuned antenna is also far ahead in terms of quality and durability, as it uses lightweight and durable white fiberglass, which is corrosion, rust-resistant. It makes it an excellent choice for outdoor installation. Besides, no matter what is the weather, it will last for a long time.

As well as one of its best advantages, it reduces background noise and ensures clear communication and excellent transmission.


Another advantage of this is that the other brand’s dual band base antennas of the same length are very expensive, but you can get this pre-tuned base antenna with all the great features within your budget. It also comes with a single section and 3.5dBd for VHF & 6dBd for UHF.

Easy to Install

The special feature of this antenna is that it is pre-tuned, which makes it easy to use, but you can do as you like with the desired SWR. Also, its installation process is very simple. If you are a beginner, you can easily set up by following the instruction book. You also get all the essential tools for installing with it.


  • Excellent SWR
  • No tuning needed
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • 5dBd for VHF & 6dBd for UHF
  • Made with lightweight and durable white fiberglass


  • Very disappointing on the UHF band

4. TRAM Amateur Dual Band Base Antenna

Tram 1480 is another best dual band base antenna, especially for beginners. Its durable contraction with 6dB for VHF and 8dB for UHF features will deliver noise-reduced clear sound and increase the quality of your communication.


Tram 8 feet length dual-band base antenna comes with all great features and an affordable price range. Its higher-length antenna can provide an excellent transmission signal over long distances by reducing background noise. It is also a powerful CB base station antenna within budget.

Easy to Assemble

One of the best advantages of this is that it is built with heavy-duty fiberglass materials, which are very durable in terms of quality, as well as it is lightweight and  hassle-free and easy to assemble. And can be easily installed outdoors without any extra tools.

Higher Resistant

Most outdoor antennas are far ahead in terms of performance but far behind in terms of resistance. As a result of being in bad weather does not last long. One of the best aspects of the Tram dual band base antenna is that it is designed to have higher resistance so that it can withstand any outdoor weather.


  • 8 feet length antenna
  • Great weather resistant
  • Deliver a noise-reduced clear sound
  • Made with heavy-duty fiberglass
  • 8dBD gain UHF and 6dBd gain VHF


  • Maybe it is hard to assemble for beginners.

5. TRAM 1477-B Pre Tuned Dual Band Base Antenna

TRAM 1477-B dual band base antenna is our last pick in this article. It is another excellent outdoor compatible antenna, which can perform perfectly even in adverse situations. Also, easy assembly and excellent SWR has made it much better.


This model of the Tram brand is made of durable black fiberglass, on the one hand, which is lightweight and looks stylish. On the other hand, it has a strong role in the field of transmission. Another great advantage of this is that it is pre-tuned, so you don’t have to worry so much; you can easily assemble it. In terms of durability, its waterproofing features make it much better than other regular base antennas.


Another great advantage of this is that it combines many features in your price range, which other competitors do not give so much at this price. It comes with a single section and offers excellent performance on both 3.5dBd for VHF and 6dBd for UHF. It also supports most of the common devices.


It is built with rust, corrosion, and higher resistance, making it ready to deal with any outside situation. It can also transmit perfectly in emergency situations. It is another consumer recommended powerful dual-band base antenna in the overall budget.


  • Excellent SWR
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rust, corrosion, and higher resistance materials
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • 3.5dBd for VHF and 6dBd for UHF
  • Made with black fiberglass materials


  • A resonant point on 430/440 was kind of low

Things to Know Before Buying Dual Band Base Antenna

Best Dual Band Base Antenna
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The Dual-band base station antenna has some more essential features, which you must know before purchasing. After considering those aspects, you should finally decide to buy the chosen antenna. Let’s take a look at the essential features.

Durability & Higher Resistant

First of all, no matter which antenna you buy from a well-known brand, you must first check the strength of materials and durability because most antennas have to be installed outdoors to achieve the best signal performance. Hence, the antenna has to face different weather to stay out all the time, which reduces the efficiency and longevity of such an antenna.

Therefore, in the field of choosing a dual-band base antenna, you must look at the features of higher resistant and durable materials so that it can resist various harmful aspects, including rust, corrosion, and weather. It can deal with any kind of adverse situation.

Antenna Length

Antenna length is the most important aspect you need to consider when choosing it. The longer the length of the dual-band base antenna means you will get an excellent transmission signal, and the performance of the signal depends on it.

Long-length antennas have many advantages, especially if you are in a very down area, where no transmission signal can easily reach, then you can easily set up the antenna there, and it will help a lot to get the best signal.

However, another important aspect is that if you are looking for an antenna for the interior of your house, and you have a transmission range within 1 mile, then a long-length antenna may not be the best choice for you.


Many antennas are very portable, due to which you can set up permanently in the interior or exterior where you want, or you can take it anywhere in a portable way without any hassles. So if you are planning to take the base antenna to different places, then you must pay special attention to the portable feature.

Easy to Assembly

The heavy antenna has a lot of hassles for users in the installation field, so try to choose a lightweight antenna as much as possible. Most of the antennas are designed in aluminum and fiberglass materials, which are very lightweight and easy to access.

Another important feature when purchasing an antenna is that you must get the installation instructions book with the antenna and the accessories you have.

Final Verdict

If your station does not have the best dual band base antenna, then with so many expensive devices, tools, and equipment will not be useful to you. Because in an emergency situation, when you want to connect with someone, the most important role will be the performance of your antenna.

So hopefully, you have already found the best antenna from our guide to boosting the transmission range of your station. Although many of the antennas chosen above work perfectly with all brands, before placing an order make sure the antenna is suitable for your device.

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