Uniden BCD436HP Handheld Scanner Review

The Uniden BCD436HP is not short of any features. Patterned after the HomePatrol-1, the unit boasts of a wide array of capacities such as GPS connectivity, radio system analysis, discover modes, and extra-large display. These features are important in providing holistic service to the users who are in the field of emergency response.

Users will also indulge in the additional hidden features from the unit such as the location-based scanning for locating local signals, fire tone-out alert, and multi-site system support. However, one of the most notable features you will have is its capability to scan various channels from different sources and different wavelengths.

Uniden BCD436HP Handheld Scanner Review

Wide Range of Channel Selection

The sources from which the Uniden BCD436HP can scan messages include Motorola Type I and II, Type III Hybrid, Motorola Type II Smartzone, Motorola Type II Smartnet, Motorola X2-TDMA, Project 25 Standard, LTR Standard, EDACS Standard, and Narrowband, among many others.

The gadget may also receive and analyze signals from different wavelengths ranging from 25-512 MHz, 849-869 MHz, 758-824 MHz, 1240-1300 MHz, and 894-960 MHz. This allows the user to reach various programs such as emergency programs (aided by department Quick Keys).

Trunked Two-Way Radio System Monitoring

Uniden BCD436HP may also monitor signals from sources that are external to the user by two-way system radio monitoring. This is boosted by the location-based scanning capability of the gadget, making the user aware of all the conversations going on in various sources nearby.

An additional related feature which the users may find complementary to the radio system monitoring is the APCO 25 Phase I and II, TrunkTracker V, X2-TDMA, and P25 NAC decoding.

Uniden BCD436HP Features and Specifications

  • Channel tune-in modification systems such as favorites list, department/site quick keys, and even a temporary avoid where channels can be skipped automatically
  • Enhanced dynamic memory fortified with features such as narrowband, and location-based scanning
  • Trunking priority for better frequency reception and multi-site system support
  • Can be externally powered for operation since it cannot be charged while in use
  • Automatic S.A.M.E. weather alert with USA/Canada database
  • Fire tone-out alert for emergency cases
  • Close Call RF with 4GB memory boost

Uniden BCD436HP Reviews

Users rated Uniden BCD436HP an 8 out of 10, stating the quality features of the product such as its programmability and modifiability. Users indicated that they have downloaded software from the Uniden website and transferred station lists from a spreadsheet to their unit in order to make the device’s operation more convenient.

Users also noted the product’s ergonomic edge, taking the form of a big screen and LCD backlit keypads which make it more useful to them at night. Other features include the volume of the output which is just at the most appropriate level for a handheld scanner.

Some advanced users praised the capability of the unit to track signals from various sources especially from Motorola P25. This is helpful for users who are in security industries as some frequencies are typically available solely to the units available to their personnel.

Things to Improve

The product, however, has a shortcoming. The product, as stated by the users, is typically hard to program by itself. Some users took their time studying how to install and tweak some features from the unit itself.

To note, the product can be programmed according to the will of the user. However, it is not necessary for the most basic users who will be indulging in the many features offered by the device. For advanced users, opting to connect the device to a PC for modification is an excellent option.

Manuals and software related to all the ins and outs of the gadget is also available from the site of Uniden. Users just have to connect their device to the PC via a provided USB connector and modify it from there. Clients can also use spreadsheets and rearrange the sets of programs and frequencies available to the device.


Uniden BCD436HP has many features that users will be tempted to try. It has the basic capabilities that any Uniden products will surely have, such as the GPS compatibility, advanced dynamic support system, and close-call RF technology.

Other brilliant features which made the product obtain a higher rating from the users are the capability to receive conventional and trunked channels, two-way radio system monitoring, and location-based scanning.

Many users who are new to the device will consider the product as their immediate standard to a digital handheld scanner as this device can be modified through a PC with the use of a program available in the website of Uniden.

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